3D Plant Scanning ( Faro Focus / Z&F )

Faro focus laser scanner series enable you to capture fast straightforward and accurate measurement of complex object and structure like refinery plant , gas plant ,automobile industry plant etc. Faro focus are specially designed for outdoor applications due to its small size extra light weight and extended scanning range . The focus provides scanning results even in challenging environments ,narrow job Sites. Data quality optimization on- site integrated GPS and GLONASS, receiver enable easy positing .

Our 3D laser scanner can capture highly detailed measurement of all existing conditions in a short period of time at a relatively low Cost, when compared to traditional hand measuring methods.


ZF type scanner

High accuracy range and speed meet liability , excellent ,workmanship and flexibility .we are offering on innovative and future – oriented concepts in product development, which improve the workflow and achieve outstanding results. We offers control panels and laser measurement technology.

Our qualified team are providing Detailed Product information as well as an individual quotation. Due to high measurement rate and high rotation speed ZF measurement system are highly suitable for rail application.

We are full service design consultants specializing in industrial plant design, 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, software implementation and site support services.